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We at Books for Teens recognise how hard it can be to keep your teens reading. When they are young, they consume children’s books; the difficulty lies in keeping pace with their voracious appetite for reading. However, as they get older, things can and often do change. Here at Books for Teens it is our mission to connect you with great novels through our children’s book reviews.

With so many distractions available to them, it is difficult to sell the benefits of reading to a teenager as an exciting alternative to computer games, social media and streaming.

As a former teacher, I know the huge impact reading has on a student, their academic progress, their attitude to learning, their mental health and their cultural capital.

Reading is intrinsic to creating rounded, informed, and empathetic young people who are prepared for the constantly changing world they are going to live in. And, as parents, isn’t that what we want for our kids?

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies….The man who never reads, lives only one.

George R R Martin
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Where can I find amazing children’s book reviews?

I have spent the best part of 20 years reading teen fiction. I have led the reading program in two schools and run book clubs for students from year 7 to year 10. I have delivered reading interventions aimed at re-engaging reluctant readers and organised a variety of strategies to foster a love of reading.

Through my experiences, I have discovered the books students have loved, shared quality fiction through reading groups and Carnegie shadowing scheme and discussed books with students; I share that knowledge with you.

You may be the parent of a reluctant reader and you want to find ways to re-engage them with reading. Your child may be a prolific reader and you just need more recommendations to maintain momentum. You might work in a school that would like to foster a culture of reading for pleasure. If you are any of these, you will find a wealth of information here to help.

Take a look at our book reviews, with more added every week. Read some of our blogs on reading, and have a look at the schools’ section (coming soon) so you can be sure that your child’s school is doing everything it can to foster a love of reading. If you work in a school, you will also find some information about how to establish and develop a reading culture in your school.

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What can I do to support my child as a reader?

We understand how hard it is to reignite the passion for reading that children had when they were younger. They can get out of the habit of reading and it can be so difficult trying to get them back into reading when they have games consoles, smartphones and a social life.

However, there are ways that you, as a parent or educator, can rekindle that passion for reading. Have a look at our blogs for some tips for how to help make reading a part of their lives again.

Read our blog about why reading is vital in preparing children for life in the 21st Century.

Read the government report here on the benefits and importance of reading for pleasure.